Start Slow with Initial DNA Match Contact

Seeing a new DNA match appear in your results list can be exciting. That excitement is only magnified when the match is a relatively close one on a family on which you are stuck. Start slow and don’t overwhelm the individual with details. They may be new to genealogy research completely. They may have taken the test because they got it as a gift. They may have taken the test to find out information about their biological parents. They may have discovered in their test results things about their parents or grandparents they didn’t know (like that a grandparent wasn’t a grandparent or that the testee had more siblings than they thought) and may be overwhelmed by emotion and not just confusing results.

Start slow. Here’s one idea:

Hello. I am the administrator for my wife’s uncle’s test results that shows you as a close match–1st to 2nd cousin. Based on the shared matches, I’m guessing that there is a connection to his mother, who was Lizzie BioparentswerefromaUFO, who was born in the Pullman area of Chicago in 1913. I’d be happy to discuss the relationship further if you are interested.