Reminders from Uncle Thomas

Working on Uncle Thomas Graves has reminded me of several things:

  • It’s good to work on a “new” person occasionally. It broadens your perspective and can provide insight into “old” problems.
  • Never assume there can’t be “just one more marriage.”
  • Never assume two names can’t be the same person.
  • Have a local map handy that you can actually see while you work.
  • Research everyone involved. They may be related in ways you don’t immediately notice.
  • A grandchild who is the informant on a 98-year old woman’s death certificate may not be the most knowledgeable source.
  • Someone may have the essence of something correct while not quite remembering the key details.
  • Your first hunch may be wrong.

Thomas Graves died in March of 1912 in Macon, Missouri. We’re still working on his marriages, but his last wife was Sarah, nee Newman, born in Rush County, Indiana.