Dump Them In A Big Chronology

I’m analyzing a series of documents from Bedford County, Virginia, on what are likely one woman, the two men with whom she reproduced, her grandchildren, and the spouses of the grandchildren. There are at least two people who were married twice, a few more I think might have been married twice, and too many people with the same first and last name.

I don’t have the exact family structure figured out and I’m not certain who is who and how they fit. Yet. I’m taking a back seat to putting all the relationships in my database and tying specific documents to people. After all, I’m not certain which John Carter a record refers to.

One approach that I’m trying is making a chronology of every date mentioned in every document I have for this group of people. I’m also “backtracking” to a born by date based upon those people who appear in documents when they would have had to have been of age (buying property, getting married without permission, etc. )

Tying everyone together before I get them figured out may just make the knot worse than it already is.