A Little Genealogy Contemplation?

Riley’s thinking…or wanting me to think he’s thinking.

Sometimes you just need to think about what you have found, what you don’t know, and what you want to know.

It can be easy to jump online and immediately search the minute we find something new or have a flash of insight. But sometimes it’s best to get away from the constant availability of “searching,” the constant rush to “find something new,” and the seemingly endless online barrage of messages and communications that demand our attention.

And just to think. And not to react.

Think about what we know and realize there are things that we don’t.

Think about how accurate what we know really is and make a plan to learn more about those things that we don’t and, perhaps most importantly, to also learn more about those things that we think we know.

When was the last time you worked on a genealogy problem for at least an hour without spending part of that time “searching” the internet or accessing “new information” on your computer?