What’s Relevant? And Is There Really a Story?

I made up a silly little story about the dog, the cricket, and the rubber band and posted it to my personal Facebook page. The story was pure fiction and the rubber band had nothing to do with anything–it was just there.

Are you trying make all the details fit into one genealogy story that is consistent? Maybe the problem is that one detail really doesn’t fit–because it is incorrect.

Does someone appear on a document simply because they were in “the right place at the right time?” Witnesses aren’t always relatives–sometimes they are “warm bodies” who are legally able to witness a document or an event.

Is there another way to interpret the document that you have? It can be easy to get stuck in our “first interpretation” of something and not realize that there’s another story, just as reasonable, that could be told.

Creative fiction is best left for stories involving dogs, crickets, and rubber bands–not your genealogy research.