Reminders from Samuel’s Vermont Property

I located two property deeds where Samuel Sargent purchased property in Addison County, Vermont, in the 1830s. I thought I had looked in all the appropriate indexes and initially could not find where he sold the property. It’s worth noting that there might not necessarily have been any deed where he sold the property in a land deed. It may have been sold for back taxes (in which case he’s not the seller). It may have been foreclosed upon if he had a mortgage (in which case he’s not the seller). It may have been transferred in a will and not mentioned in a land deed specifically.

It was also possible that I overlooked it in the grantor index. That’s apparently what I did because two property deeds where Samuel sold the two parcels were located. It always pays to take a second look.

And Sargent is one of those names that sometimes has an “s” added to the end of it. That’s a good reminder to not get too serious about spelling, because the clerks often didn’t.

Locating the deeds was a good find. Unfortunately they didn’t help me tie Samuel to any other locations other than Addison County, Vermont, but it helps to complete my picture of him.