A Separate Tree for DNA Match Analysis?

I have my “good” tree where information is documented and sourced to the best of my ability. That tree is tied to my DNA results.

Hopefully your tree doesn’t look like this.

Then I have a working tree that I keep private and is for my use only. It’s used for analyzing my DNA matches. It contains what was in my “good tree” and other information I’ve added but not necessarily always validated as much as I should. It contains information on ancestors of various cousins and DNA matches who are not my own direct line ancestors. It contains information I’ve compiled in my attempts to determine the connections I have with some of my DNA matches. That way I don’t duplicate work trying to figure out matches and sometimes while working on a new match I discover that I’ve got part of their connection to me already figured out.

But my working tree is not made public and is for my use only.

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