Writing Up a Picture Proof

Michael, Keith, and David Neill, taken 1974 (probably April), Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois.

Sometimes writing up genealogical proof can seem overwhelming. It does not have to be. If writing something regarding a family living in the 18th century seems like too large of a task, then start small.

Dating pictures–and including your reasons–can be a good way to start writing up genealogical analysis at a rudimentary level and getting your feet wet.

This picture of my Dad, my brother, and I was probably taken in April of 1974. My reasons for this can be stated simply:

  • The picture is stamped “Jul 1974.” This is a development date.
  • My brother and I appear to be ages consistent with a 1974 photograph date (years of birth not included in this blog post–they would be in an actual blog post).
  • The picture contains a birthday cake.
  • There are too many candles to be a cake for either of the boys in the picture.
  • We are not wearing summerweight clothes in the pictures (my birthday is in June), so it would have to be my Dad’s birthday (April) or my brother’s birthday (October).

Try to state facts in groups if possible. In this little example, there’s not too much analysis included. If you feel that you are not equipped to write genealogical analysis, try starting on your pictures.

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