Is That Even a Relative?

The picture discussed in this post is not included because the other two individuals are living.

There’s a picture of me in a suit taken in the early 1970s. I look to be approximately four-years old. When it was taken was a mystery. There’s a little girl, also dressed up and also about my age, standing next to me. I have no female first cousins, so that’s not who the person is. I did not recognize the person and she didn’t appear to be any female relative I could think of based on her age, hair color, and general face shape.

She’s not a relative.

As soon as I looked in the background of the picture and saw the woman sitting in the background in a church pew, I knew when the picture was taken. It was at the wedding of my Dad’s cousin and I was a ring bearer or something or other and I wasn’t excited about the girl my age I had to walk down the aisle with because I did not know her.

Turns out she wasn’t a relative of mine at all and must have been a relative of the cousin on the other side of her family or of the groom. I have no second cousins on that side of the family who are that close in age to me.

There may be a time where your relative appears in a document, record, or picture with someone and that person’s connection to you is more distant than you think. Don’t assume the relationship is close.

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