Anything Can Be Anywhere

Lillie (Trautvetter) Short and Ida (Trautvetter) Neill

Anything can be anywhere.

This picture of my grandmother and her sister, taken in the 1920s and probably less than two inches on a side, was found tucked in the bottom drawer of my mother’s jewelry box. I nearly overlooked it.

All of Mom’s pictures were grouped together with other pictures. This one was all by itself. The girl on the right in the picture was my Mom’s mother-in-law. Fortunately I know who the girls are, but I have no idea where Mom got the picture.

I’m not certain how it got in the jewelry box, but it was likely done for safekeeping–either by my Mom or my Dad.

The point: anything can be anywhere. This not only applies to family photographs and ephemera, but pieces of information in a probate file, pension application, etc. You may think that source could never contain something you need, but you do not know until you look.