Posting That Picture to a “Non-Genealogy” Group or Site

Sharing information with other genealogists is great, but one will only reach a small portion of the world if one does. Always ask yourself if there are other places where old pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. can be shared.

One place to share such items are in Facebook groups devoted to a specific area or locality–particularly if the group has any sort of historical focus. Groups such as “Old Days in Tuckertown,” “You know you are from Smithville if you remember..,” or similarly named ones often include people who, while not technically genealogists, do have an interest in local history and may know a thing or two about their deceased relatives or have access to materials that you do not.

Such postings may also pull relatives out of the internet woodwork as well. In addition to seeing who comments on the item you posted, look and see who “liked it” without commenting. Names of relatives you had forgotten about or who you have been unable to locate may appear.

Sharing such items is not necessarily a way to preserve them, but it can be a good way to share them and to potentially locate other relatives or individuals who can provide you with additional information.