Where Do I put the “Probably?”

My relative’s tombstone in a Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois, cemetery indicated that she died in 1877. The place of death is not given and I’m not certain where she died–at least not exactly. I do have a fairly good hunch as to where she died–at least as far as the name of the township. I probably know where she died. Based on the tombstone (and the death record at the church), I have the date of death. But I need to exercise some care when I comment somewhere about her place of birth.

  • Died in 1877 probably in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois.
  • Probably died in 1877 in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

I use the first suggestion and put the “probably” after the year or date of her death. That is because the 1877 seems pretty solid based on my sources; it is the location that is more conjectural. My statement needs to reflect that.

And of course I need to cite the tombstone and the funeral entry in the church records for this person’s date of death and place of burial. There’s no “probably” in that statement.