You Don’t Need that Record Overnight

Genealogists love copies of vital records. Genealogists use copies of vital records for the clues they contain.

It is rare for a genealogist to need a copy of a vital record immediately. Record offices often offer expedited services for an extra fee. Genealogists usually do not need the copy that fast. Save your money for some other genealogical expense or to keep your household budget on task.

Determine what options there are to obtain a copy of the record. These are often listed on the local records office website. If you think there may be other ways to get the record, ask those questions on a message board or a Facebook page devoted to the area where the record was recorded. Locals may have insight to help with that specific office that others who are not familiar with it do not.

You may be dying to get a copy of that death certificate, but don’t pay double the cost to get it. Great-grandma would shake her head knowing you were throwing money away <grin!>.