Precision Limits

The address of my maternal great-aunt in a 1970s era probate is “Rural Route 3, Carthage, Illinois.” That’s as specific as it gets. This was in an era before 911 addresses gave more precise locations. I know roughly where route 3 was since that was my address also at the same point in time. While the house is no longer standing, I know exactly where my great-aunt lived because her farm shared a property line with my paternal grandparents.


If my great-aunt and her husband’s residence had not been known to me and if they had not owned their own farm, determining where they lived precisely could have been more difficult. A rural directory or phone book may have provided a more specific address and there may have been a way to learn the approximate geographic area covered by “rural route 3” had that not already been known.

Always try and pinpoint a location as precisely as possible. But remember that, depending on the location, the time period, and the extant records that such determination may not be possible.

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