Now–Not Later

I ran across a reference to a Hessian soldier whose last name was Trautvetter. He may or may not be connected to my family. But the moment I locate this and download the information to my own media, I also need to put this information in my genealogical database–even if I do not know how he is related.

Otherwise I might forget I found it, not be able to locate it, etc.

Johann Frederich Jacob Trautvetter can be entered in as an unrelated individual in my file. I can enter his biographical data, sourcing where I found it–and be certain to include his military service as a Hessian solder as that may make it easier to find him in my database later.

Because he will be a sea of Trautvetters in my database and just his name will not remind me of anything. I need those details. And I need to enter them in when I find him.