The Unaligned Images

It sure looked like the person of interest–with the 4 year sentence–was from Georgia.

Lines and alignment matter and in today’s tip we are reminded of the importance of viewing an entire image–not just what we want.

The convict entry for William Kile, convicted of larceny in Mercer County, Illinois, and admitted to the Joliet penitentiary in May of 1860, seemed to indicate he was born in Georgia. Part of his entry is shown in this post and is underlined. But the digital image of the ledger was misleading. It had not been created from one image made from the open book unaltered. Two images had been spliced together to create the image of the pages I was looking at.

Viewing the top of the ledger made it clear that the right hand side of the ledger image was one life off from the left hand side. The person of interest was not a forty year old native of Georgia. He was instead a sixty year old native of Ohio.

It always pays to view the entire image.