If You are Uncertain

The picture was located in a scrapbook of photographs, newspaper clippings, and school related items belonging to my father. It was unidentified, but to me–admittedly probably sixtysome years after it was taken–they looked like Neills.

My identification of the picture is uncertain. It may be wrong. But I do not want to lose what information I do have about the picture. I should have added to the text that the “possible” identification was made by Michael Neill. That’s not clear on the text I placed at the bottom of the image.

I should have said “These individuals are possibly the grandchildren of Charles and Fannie (Rampley) Neill of West Point, Illinois. This speculation was made by Michael John Neill based on faces of children in the picture.”

Speculation may be wrong. Speculation may be correct. It also may be somewhere in between. But if it is not recorded, it can be lost forever.