Spell Check Doesn’t Always Work and Computers don’t think.

Don’t rely on spell check when typing anything. Read it for yourself.

Remember your genealogy software doesn’t correct your logic or fix your conclusions, that is up to you.

If you can’t find the typo on this brochure…well I’ll just say that it’s the very top line and spell check obviously did not catch it.

Does One Letter Make a Difference?

How would one letter change that name?
The omission of one letter changes “Orange” to “range.” Quite a difference.

How would the omission of one letter from the surname for which you are searching change it? Would the soundex code be the same? Would the name even be pronounced the same? Would the error be easy to find in an index.

Think about one letter being dropped. You might be surprised at the variants you come up with.


How Grandma Said It

It took me forever to find Ulfert Behrens in the 1860 and 1870 census. The problem was partially solved when I learned how he likely pronounced his name. This low-German native probably said his name something like “barns.” Here I was thinking it would have been pronounced “Bear unds” (rhyming with roughly with “errands”). Once I started looking for names that sounded like “barns” I found references I had previously overlooked.

Find out how your ancestor likely said his name–you may get variant spellings that you never thought to look for.