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11 September 2015-Friday–11 am Central Time.

More on the Probate Materials on

My webinar on the probate materials on was a great success. Now that I’ve had time to get into the materials more deeply and have had questions from attendees, viewers, and blog readers, I’m ready to continue our discussion and discovery with “US Probate Materials on Part II.”

This session will be held on 11 September at 11:00 am. central time. Those who do not attend live can pre-order a recorded copy of the presentation.

Part 2 will cover:bookforbarbara-115x300 (1)

  • Searching the unindexed probate materials at–remember that the index on only scratches the surface of what is on the site
  • Navigating the several search boxes and inventory interfaces
  • Making certain you have gotten all the probate references for your person of interest that are on
  • Determining what additional may be on microfilm at FamilySearch and onsite at the courthouse
  • Dealing with images that can’t be saved to an individual or to your shoebox
  • Comparing‘s coverage with that on  does not have all FamilySearch microfilm on their website.
  • And more–based upon your questions.
  • Discussion will partially be via several examples

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11 September 2015-Friday–2 PM Central Time.

Preserving Past You

In this session, we’ll see ways to preserve your genealogical legacy beyond your own lifetime. We will look at a variety of options, large and small, digital and non-digital, simple and not-so-simple, and more.  Prioritizing what to save will be an integral part of this presentation. We will see why preserving is more than a simple clause in your will and ways you can immediately start preserving some of what you have immediately.

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8 thoughts on “Live Webinars

      1. mjnrootdig Post author

        It should be working now. There should be a box on this page where you can enter your email address.

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      It should be working now. There should be a box on this page where you can enter your email address.

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  2. Dorie Sheppard

    Will there continue to be a “tip of the day” after the changes?
    OR will there be a website where one could “go get” a daily, weekly, periodic tip issue?
    Are you retiring from regularly scheduled.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      Tip of the Day and the blog posts will continue. We’re just taking a break from the webinars. They are the only thing impacted. Thanks for reading! Michael

  3. Lorraine Howard

    Good luck with the webinars. I love getting the tip of the day. I know a lot pertains to the USA but it does help with other parts too. Thank you for them.


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