acpl22 spaces left due to a cancellation due to participant illness

Dates 4-7 August 2019

  • 4 August–arrivals on Sunday.
  • 5 August-7 August in library open to close.

4 August 2019

Trip members will arrive on Sunday. There are no “required” Sunday activities. Those who arrive in time and are so inclined are welcome to meet for an informal (on-your-own) group meal at a moderately priced restaurant centrally located to where people are staying. Optional and a great way to get to know others on the trip. The library is open on Sunday afternoon and early arrivals are encouraged to check out the facility. If there’s interest we’ll have an introduction to the facility in the evening–depending on how many “new to the library” people we have.

5-7 August 2019

Hour-long morning lectures in the library when it opens at 9 am.–topics to be determined based on participant interest. Rest of each day is research time in library and onsite consultations with Michael on specific research problems. Participants can consult with Michael more than once during the trip as needed. Consultations are usually thirty minutes or less, depending upon the nature of the problem. These often consist of “suggested items to search at the library (aka ‘immediate homework’)” and outside materials to access later (if appropriate). For this reason, participants are encouraged to plan ahead and ask questions beforehand.

Pre-trip Planning:

Participants can get assistance with pre-trip planning and are encouraged to submit problems to Michael well in advance of the trip. There is a private Google group set up for the class where ideas for planning are posted and where those with an interest can submit problems and discussion approaches and techniques. Michael encourages participants to prepare as much as possible for the trip–determining what families to work on, what materials to access, etc. While you cannot be forced to plan ahead it really does help.

Lodging, etc.

Trip registration fee does not include travel, research, or other expenses. Participants are on their own for these expenses and can stay in the motel/hotel of their choosing. Meals are not included in the trip registration fee (which we try to keep affordable), but we usually meet for an optional evening meal within walking distance of the library.

Group activities

There are no group activities other than the morning lectures in the library. We want people to have time for their research.

Our group is kept small to ensure everyone gets the assistance they want and need. We don’t have a full day of “scheduled group social activities” because I simply am not a big fan of them (other than optional group meals most nights).  People with a variety of research skill levels join us on our trip–some because they want some guidance their first time at the library, some want some help with their research, and others want the structure of being part of a group.


We still have room. Complete registration is $150 and is due at registration. Registration includes onsite assistance, assistance with pre-trip planning, and morning lectures while onsite.

We’d love to have you join us.