Pheeny Flip-Flops on the First and Middle Names

Depending upon which record one views, my aunt was either named Sophia Adolphena Trautvetter or Adolphena Sophia Trautvetter. In some families for a variety of reasons, first and middle names can be interchanged. Sometimes it is because one of the names is a baptismal name that is never really used. Sometimes it is because the person simply does not really care for one of their names and, when they can, use the name that they prefer.

Or in the case of Aunt Adolphena, they simply use a diminutive. She was usually called Pheenie/Pheeny.


2 thoughts on “Pheeny Flip-Flops on the First and Middle Names

  1. Patty

    That has finally begun to make sense in my family history searches. U had a piece about this a while back & I later found a piece of information with the name switched. Well I felt real huffy because THAT was not her name. Then I remembered ur piece of information and really looked at it and said it out loud. That made sense to actually hear the name both ways. Now if I don’t find someone, I switch them & more often get something that I recognized. Thank u.


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