Join Michael in Salt Lake City-May 2013

We’ve set the dates for our 2013 Family History Research Trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in May. Join us for a week of genealogical research in the world’s largest genealogical library between 29 May and 5 June. Don’t wait pre-register today for only $50. Balance of registration is due 1 April 2013. It is not too early to start planning for 2013. 

The complete registration price is only $150–that’s a bargain compared to other trips. This fee includes pre-trip planning assistance, morning presentations at 8:00 every day the library is open during our trip, onsite consultations, assistance in learning to use the equipment at the library, quick on the fly questions, and follow-up assistance as needed. 

Travel arrangements are on your own. We stay at the Salt Lake Plaza where we have  pre-tax rate of $90 a night. The Plaza is next door to the library–very convenient. 

Our research trip dates for 2013 are a starting on the 29th of May at 6:30 PM with a hotel check out date of 5 June 2013. Our registration price is $175—with a deposit of $50. Deadline for registration is 15 April 2013 (refund if you cancel by 15 March 2013). We’ll be posting additional details later this summer but that’s pretty much the essence of the trip. Travel arrangements are not included.  Our group size has traditionally been small and we plan on keeping it that way.

Get a Free Genealogy Webinar

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Hope to see some of you virtually in the near future. Suggestions for additional topics are always welcomed. 

Get Redundant While You Can

Regularly saving files and documents in backup locations is always advised. Have you been redundant today?

The time you spend today may be the time you don’t waste tomorrow recreating or refinding material.

And are there back up copies of those pictures and other materials in a remote location?

Are You the Only One?

Chances are, you are not the only descendant of your great-great-great-grandparents (or any other set of distantly removed ancestors). Have you located other descendants who may have pictures or information? Remember…it’s not just about you. Other relatives may have ephemera or other material that could be helpful in your quest.

No Method to the Madness

In our quest to find “proof” and “reasons” behind all those things our ancestors did (or did not do), remember that while there often are reasons why people move to new location or choose a specific name for a child, there are often times where those things are done completely on a whim.

Once in a while decisions are made–for no reason at all.

One State, Many Places

There are states that have more than one location with the same name or with locations that have similar names. Illinois has more than one Prairie Township within its borders and probably has other locations (towns, cemeteries, etc.) that also have the word “prairie” as part of the name. Illinois also has the village of Henderson, the village of North Henderson, Henderson County, etc.

And Illinois is not the only state (or territory) with similarly named features.

Do You Wait Before You Search?

When you locate a new piece of information, particularly a detailed document, do you analyze it, think about what it says (and does not) before you mindlessly start searching on the internet?

A little reflection and analysis before those internet searches may save you some time. Think about what a document means before you start throwing terms in search boxes.