Never Really Changed the Name

If your male ancestor died, is it possible that the mother married again and that her children with the first husband are listed in subsequent records with their step-father’s last name? Children could easily be enumerated in census records with the mother and actual step-father under his last name with no real indication that he was not the biological father and regardless of whether he legally adopted them or not.

Did It Really Happen There?

When you cannot find a record in the expected location, ask yourself if you are really certain the event took place in that spot. Do you have good information to cause you to believe that or are you operating under a hunch? That hunch could be wrong. Did a couple go a distance from home to elope? Did your great-grandparents live in another state for a year and that’s where one child was born? Was great-grandma living with a daughter out of state when she died? The event may not have taken place where you think it did–especially if if happened one hundred years before you were born.

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A surety is one serves as a guarantor on bond or other obligation such as a debt. If the person signing the bond performs their obligation, the surety does not have to “do anything.” If the person pays their debt, the surety does not have to pay it. If the person signing the bond does not perform as indicated on the bond, the surety is at financial or legal risk. The the person who is supposed to pay the debt does not pay, the surety becomes obligated.

How Easy To Confuse

In some locations, there are places that have similar sounding names that could easily be confused. Did someone confuse Bedford and Bradford Counties in Pennsylvania? Did someone confuse Williamsfield in Illinois with Williamstown?

A few letters may not “really” change the sound, but they may very well change the location by a hundred miles or more.

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Refresh, Review and Remind

The first of the year is a good time to look at a problem (or two) that you’ve not looked at in some time, reviewing the material and reminding yourself of the key elements of the problem.

Consider putting away for a while some families that have given you difficulties and work on a person or situation you have ignored for some time. Letting it sit for a while may allow you to come back with a fresh perspective.

Happy 2013!