Order of the Children

For families that lived during a time of no vital records genealogists often do not have dates of birth. In some cases, it may even be difficult to estimate years of birth if records are not available. In cases such as these, make certain that you indicate the birth order is either a guess or inferred from the order of children in a will or another document. If children married, years of birth could be estimated from the marriage dates.

And ask yourself, would any of my conclusions change if the order of birth for these children change? Most times they wouldn’t, but you never know.


One thought on “Order of the Children

  1. Clorinda Madsen

    In 1806, I have a family with seven children listed in the will. The boys are listed as under 21 because the phrase “upon reaching age 21” is specifically directed at them. Girls only have given names, no surnames attached so I assume none married (not a guarantee but more probable). I have marriage dates for the boys which gives me a probable age spread. I just wish I had more hints about the girls. If I figure that they are listed in birth order too, then I can group them in order but I can’t sort the boys into the girls easily. Oh well. More hints needed


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