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Who Owed the Estate Money?

If you are having difficulty locating “associates” of your ancestor, determine if his probate records include an inventory of any amounts owed to him or her at their demise. Those names were probably people with whom your ancestor associated. They may be relatives.

Or maybe not–that would depend upon how much your deceased ancestor trusted his relatives to pay him back.

Why Naturalize?

Not all immigrants to the United States naturalized, especially before the early twentieth century. It is possible your ancestor never bothered to naturalize. If your ancestor had no interest in voting, he may have never seen a need to naturalize as that’s a key element of citizenship. In some locations and in some time periods, aliens (generally non-naturalized immigrants) were not able to own land. State statute would indicate when that changed. During the time period when only citizens could own land, that was for many a key reason to naturalize.

Casefile Clues Offer Extended

We’ve had unexpected response to our offer, so we are running it again this weekend. From now through 11:59 p.m. 3 August 2015, a subscription to 52 issues of Casefile Clues is only $17. Your subscription can be processed here.

Easy to understand, well-written, and genealogically sound, see records discussed and “next steps” planned out.

We have updated our list of back issue topics herecasefileclues

Voter’s Registration Lists?

Have you tried to locate voter’s registration lists for your ancestor? Typically kept at the local level (usually thevoter-registriaon county) they can provide detailed information on your ancestor. Some may provide citizenship details, residential information, and age. At the very least they would imply that the relative was eligible to vote.

Old Tips Being Posted

We are posting manually some of the old tips that didn’t migrate correctly to the new server. For a few days you will get quite a few tips instead just one. Hopefully this will be done within a week. Thanks for your support of Genealogy Tip of the Day and thanks to a reader for letting us know which tips were missing.