What Genealogy Tip of the Day Is Not

In the interest of clarification, Genealogy Tip of the Day‘s blog site and Facebook Fan page are generally not:

  • places to promote genealogical events–there are places to do this and our intent is not to become a clearinghouse for this type of material. 
  • places to promote personal research services. We do not endorse any company or person that performs personal genealogical research.
  • places to review books, websites, other materials. Michael does not include any reviews of genealogical materials on the Tip blog or Facebook page. 
Genealogy Tip of the Day is provided as a free service to the genealogy community and we encourage fans/followers to interact on our blog site and Facebook page. Genealogy Tip of the Day is graciously sponsored by Genealogybank.com. My webinars and newsletter will occasionally be mentioned as well. These are things help bring you Genealogy Tip of the Day at no charge.
Those who find the Facebook experience a little too intense can visit our blog page and get the tips in your email by entering your email address in the box and following the instructions. You can also follow our blog using the links on the right hand side of the page. Being a follower means that you’ll only get the blog posts.
We occasionally post items of a general genealogical nature to our Facebook Fan Page–usually when significant records closures are threatened or announced. We generally do not post “news” type items other than releases/updates to material on FamilySearch.
Thanks to everyone for their support of Genealogy Tip of the Day—it is appreciated!