One State, Many Places

There are states that have more than one location with the same name or with locations that have similar names. Illinois has more than one Prairie Township within its borders and probably has other locations (towns, cemeteries, etc.) that also have the word “prairie” as part of the name. Illinois also has the village of Henderson, the village of North Henderson, Henderson County, etc.

And Illinois is not the only state (or territory) with similarly named features.


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  1. Anonymous

    Just because they have the same names, they don't always fall in the same county.For example: Jackson, Mississippi, the capital, is in Hinds County, not Jackson County, Mississippi. Forest, Mississippi is the county seat for Scott County, not Forrest County, Mississippi. The town of Quitman is the county seat of Clarke County, Mississippi, and Marks is the county seat of Quitman County, Mississippi.


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