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Was the License Returned?

If you’ve located an entry in local marriage records that a license was issued for your ancestor, have you determined if the license was returned? The issuance of a license means only that a license was issued and that a couple was intending to get married.

Usually cancelled licenses are returned and “cancelled” is written somewhere on or near the entry in the record indicating the license was issued. But not always. Sometimes they are just not returned.

Sometimes licenses that are used are not returned by the officiant, even if the marriage took place.



Move Has Started!

We’re moving to a WordPress blog on our own domain name. We’ll be in flux for a while–so the layout and other details may change as we find our way here.  We’ve got some things to learn, but decided to just move instead of waiting until I knew everything about WordPress.

We hope you like our new site, our new format, and the layout.  Comments can be sent to me at

The tips will keep coming every day, just like they always have. Make certain you get on our new list as the one we used on Blogger will be discontinued shortly.