Move Has Started!

We’re moving to a WordPress blog on our own domain name. We’ll be in flux for a while–so the layout and other details may change as we find our way here.  We’ve got some things to learn, but decided to just move instead of waiting until I knew everything about WordPress.

We hope you like our new site, our new format, and the layout.  Comments can be sent to me at

The tips will keep coming every day, just like they always have. Make certain you get on our new list as the one we used on Blogger will be discontinued shortly.


6 thoughts on “Move Has Started!

  1. Dee Edson

    I have tried four times in the last two days to sign up on the new site. The sign-in says, “confirmation message on its way,” but I haven’t received one. There is nothing in the spam folder. Help!

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      It shows on my end that you’ve not confirmed–which is strange as you’ve tried it several times. If you don’t get the tip in your email tomorrow, please let me know. Thanks.


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