Our Tip of the Day Goals

tipofdayMy goals here at Genealogy Tip of the Day are pretty simple. Iwant to make people aware research pitfalls, research procedures, sources, and terminology.

And I try and do this in short tips. That means that many tips  are not complete, lengthy discussions of a topic. There may be exceptions that would take too long to discuss fully. Generally those tips are at most four sentences long.

I try and keep each tip to the point, with the thought that:

  • some people just need a reminder
  • others will see something new and decide they need to learn more about it

Suggestions for additional tips are always welcome.

Genealogy Tip of the Day (and our sister sites Rootdig, Daily Genealogy Transcriber, and Search Tip of the Dayare all written by Michael John Neill


6 thoughts on “Our Tip of the Day Goals

  1. Diann Sherwin

    Your genealogy tips are the best thing I have come across recently! They are such good instruction and/or reminders. Thank you

  2. JM Anderson

    Love your short and to the point tips! I can keep up with them on a daily basis, whereas I often get behind on the others that are longer…also very good, but hard to stay up to date with them. Thanks!

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      You are most welcome and thanks for your comment. I try and keep the tips really short–as mentioned they are usually a reminder of things a person already knows or a prompt to make a person go digging into it further. The Rootdig blog that I write is usually longer and I try and save the really long stuff for the newsletter.

  3. Mary Kay Mullen

    Thank you for pointing out the civil war draft registrations. I found some information that helps with my genealogy tree.


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