It’s Just An Index Card–There’s More

butler-index-cardFamiliarity with records is crucial to genealogical research. One can’t just take what they’ve found online and leave it at that.

Researchers should always be asking if there is “more” to the record than what they have foundĀ or if the record they have found means that other separate records may have been created.

This is the General Index Card to compiled military service records for Leander Butler who served in Companies I and B of the 10th Kansas Infantry in the Civil War.

I’ve already got a copy of his pension (that’s a separate record), but his compiled military service record (which this card is just a part of an index to) may tell me more about his military career and may provide clues about his enlistment.

And since I’m stuck on what his family was doing in the 1850s and 1860s that information may be helpful.

Many records we use are actually indexes to other records. One should never stop at the index–even if you didn’t know it was just an index when you were searching it.