Did They Actually Sign It?

Record books that have copies of deeds, wills, and other records are not the only times you may encounter a document not actually signed by a relative. This 1880-era affidavit in a land claim from Nebraska contains the “signature” of the claimant, but it’s actually her lawyer writing the name. The word “by” is a big clue, combined with the consistent style of handwriting.


One thought on “Did They Actually Sign It?

  1. Mary Hammond

    Over the years, having been granted Power of Attorney, I have signed several documents as Attotney in Fact, first on behalf of my elderly parents (my father had lost his sight), and then while my husband and I purchased our previous house. The closing was scheduled for the very morning he was in the hospital having open lung surgery. As soon as I had signed all the paperwork twice and was given the house keys, I hurried to the hospital, where he was in the recovery room. Signing all those documents on his behalf was a leap of faith!


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