Event Knowledge

If your ancestor moved from point A to point B, do you know the contemporary events that might have caused people to leave point A and settle in point B? It is always possible those events did not impact your ancestor directly, but an understanding of contemporary causes of migration “push” and “pull” never hurts.


2 thoughts on “Event Knowledge

  1. Joan Schacht

    I found an answer with a newspaper search (timeframe early 1800s) My ancestor extended credit to his customers who didn’t pay their bills, which resulted in the expected snowball effect. Twice he moved as a result of this situation.

  2. Mary Hammond

    ~1872′ my great grandparents followed the railroads west (he was a RR contractor), from Northern Michigan to Chicago to Ogden to San Francisco to McMinneville, OR to Tacoma, WA. After abandoning his wife in Tacoma, he lived in Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles – where he regularly appeared in newspaper articles, indexed and available in GenealogyBank and/or Newspapers.com and/or Library of Congress American Memory Project.


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