All Sides of the Stone

When taking pictures of tombstones, make certain to get every side of the marker. Some stones have inscriptions on more than one side and some tombstones have inscriptions for several different family members. One stone for the family was cheaper than individual stones.

Sometimes FindAGrave submitters may overlook one side of a stone.



5 thoughts on “All Sides of the Stone

  1. Chris

    What is the best way to clean a tomb stone to get clear pictures of the writing on the stone? Does it harm the stone to use a soft brush to wipe the dirt and dust away? Can you use anything except water on the stone?

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      It depends upon the condition of the stone what approach should be used. Generally speaking, the less physical contact with the stone the better–particularly if the stone is flaking or already starting to deteriorate.

      Here are some more specific guidelines:

  2. Kate

    When the carving is eroded, I run a finger along the engraving, with a pencil behind it to mark the letters. The graphite of the pencil shouldn’t hurt the stone. Then I photograph it.


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