Broader FindAGrave Searches and Multiple Entries

Always broaden searches for burials on FindaGrave.

It is possible that the person in listed in the wrong cemetery, listed twice, or that you have the wrong cemetery. Even if the burial location is incorrect, there may be other information on the memorial page that stands the test of validation.


4 thoughts on “Broader FindAGrave Searches and Multiple Entries

  1. Kat

    Again, use as clues! Especially when names of parents, siblings, and children of the deceased are listed. They may be incorrect! I’ve had to send corrections for several of my relatives on FindAGrave.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      My personal approach is to take the picture of the stone as being accurate (hopefully) and everything else potentially in error. And once in a while a stone gets placed in the wrong cemetery on FindAGrave.

  2. CMcBride

    In each memorial there is an edit tab. Use that to suggest changes. IF that will not work, you can write a personal note to the person who manages the particular memorial, you can send them what you think is correct and why. Most of the time they are happy to have a fact straightened out.


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