Pictures of Your Notes?

There are times where I still like to use pencil and paper.  For me, it’s just faster and one of those old habits that I just can’t get out of.

However, I need to keep those notes in a way that I won’t use them. Typically my notes are made while searching and making digital images of records. I was using a page from an 1895 genealogy of the Sargent family to start my search for vital records of the family.

To keep myself organized, I took a picture of my notes sheet and filed it with the digital images I made of the vital records that I located. Then when I go to review those images my notes are right there. If I need to take more notes, I can either takes notes on that image or print it, take more notes, and take another picture.

There are programs that one can use to take digital notes…but sometimes I just like to use paper and pencil.

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2 thoughts on “Pictures of Your Notes?

  1. Patricia Gibson

    Thank you. I never thought to take a photo of my notes I write. Sometimes a census has another interesting family on a page, or an in-law which I notice but then the printout is filed and put away and the extras forgotten about. Photographing is excellentidea. Drop into computer and take it with me.


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