Coroner’s Inquests

Henry Goldenstein’s 1921 death in Kansas City, Missouri, was actually investigated by a coroner in Adams County, Illinois.

If your relative died under suspicious circumstances, there may have been an inquest into their death. These records, in the United States, typically start in the late 19th century, but there are exceptions. Generally they are local (city or county) records and they may or may not be available online. Testimony of witnesses and doctors may be included. That testimony may give additional insight not only into the death, but also the life, of your relative.


3 thoughts on “Coroner’s Inquests

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      Whether or not the coroner investigated would really depend upon the cause of death. It often is noted on the death certificate if there was an inquest. I would start with the death certificate.

      1. florence Ginter

        I know there was an inquest – and I have found the court proceedings where the award was made, but do not know what the award was or how to go about reading the actual inquest report. This was in Brooklyn, NY in 1898, a boxing accident that led to death of Alexander Scott.


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