Those Fun Newspaper Items

Aunt Luella could eat doughnuts and Aunt Sarah could peel apples. Both of them placed in contests held at a 1923 church picnic in Breckenridge, Illinois. These anecdotal items can be interesting asides to learn about your relative or significant clues–depending upon what you don’t already know about your ancestor.

And…don’t forget to read the entire item. This item was located by searching for Luella Barnett, but a thorough reading located a reference to my Aunt Sarah Rampley and my Uncle Herschel Neill (not shown–he won for tying shoes).


4 thoughts on “Those Fun Newspaper Items

  1. Judy Kurtz

    I found out that my ancestor was quoted in the newspapers (many times) by name and address telling how Doan’s Pills had helped her back! I assume she was paid for her endorsement, but maybe not.

  2. Julia George

    Looks like Aunt Luella could also drink cocoa–probably needed it after eating those doughnuts! 🙂

  3. Margene Scott

    You are so right! Yesterday I found an article on Genealogy Bank that indicated the musical instrument that my mother-in-laws brother played. His WWI Draft Card indicated his occupation was a musician but I had no idea that he played the drums.


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