Women Without Names and He’s Not Our Father

There’s nothing like a newspaper article that mentions three women without including any of their first names.

Typical for the era, it serves to remind us that when searching digital images of newspapers one needs to remember that people may be mentioned without ever being named with their own name.

And as an aside, Mrs. Cecil Barnett (actually Luella) and Mrs. Cecil Neil[l] (actually Ida) were the daughters of Mrs. William Miller (actually another Ida)–but their maiden name was not Miller. It was Trautvetter. William Miller was her second husband after Trautvetter died. Another reminder to be careful about making assumptions.

This was a nice little find for me. I had heard Virginia mention staying with my Grandma (the Mrs. Cecil Neill) for extended visits when she was a small child. The newspaper writeup confirmed it.


2 thoughts on “Women Without Names and He’s Not Our Father

  1. Patty

    I finally know what u mean. Ran across an article similiar to this. If I didn’t already know the first name of one of the misses, I would have been in a rut. They were all Mrs. Gaines. except the one who was Mrs. Morris. Knew I had the right group, later I found a similar article that gave all their first names. Thank u 4 all ur tips. Always helpful in some way.


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