Draft Registration Does Not Equate With Service

A draft registration card does not mean the individual saw active service.

The registration card means that the registrant registered for the draft. That’s why he was called the registrant.

Obviously some men who registered served either because they were later drafted or volunteered. Requirements as to who had to register can vary from one time period to another.


5 thoughts on “Draft Registration Does Not Equate With Service

  1. Geri Goss

    I have seen draft registrations for my great great grandfather , Civil War, and his son , my great grandfather, WW1. Plus many others .
    My great great grandfather sold his position in the civil war to a man I believe was a brother in law.
    I was told that sometimes they would do that because the ones who they sold their position to needed money for their families .

  2. Kat

    I found the draft registrations very helpful in figuring out who was who, especially when they gave the name of one of the parents as the person who will always know their address!


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