Don’t Be Chicken–Look in the Back of the Directory

Residential or business directories may contain sub-directories of specific occupations after the “main directory.” These directories may contain additional clues about your ancestor. Don’t just find your ancestor once and quit.

There may be smaller directories in the back.

The illustration shows a list of Silver-Laced Wyan-Dotte chicken breeders in Hancock County, Illinois, in 1918.

Look in the back. Don’t be chicken <grin>.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Chicken–Look in the Back of the Directory

  1. Mary Hammond

    Wow! That’s rather specific. I’ve found directories with “yellow pages”-type lists of local seamstresses, auctioneers, etc. — home-based small businesses that one might never have found out about otherwise, except by word-of-mouth.


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