Include Adequate Detail

Knowing where something was located is helpful for a variety of reasons.

Before saving an image, make certain you have adequate detail. I thought I had enough for this 1947 obituary–after all, I had the name of the newspaper. But in reading it I realized that the state was not listed in the item. Of course, I knew the state and readers at the time knew it as well.

But someone later might not. Better to have too much detail than not enough.

My new image has the city and state spelled out.


3 thoughts on “Include Adequate Detail

  1. Jean Clark Giesbrecht

    Oh, yes- I have several old news clippings that someone had saved years ago- with no date and no newspaper name- I have spent a lot of time searching for the same image to verify- Was successful on some, still looking for others!

  2. Carla

    I always try and get the date and place if I am doing electronic clipping. If I’m using a pair of scissors, I will write in the margins. I know what it’s like to inherit clippings with juicy details and have no idea of date or place…


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