Christian Rendered as Christopher

Throughout the entire court case he is referred to as Christopher Troutfetter. His name was actually Christian. There are numerous other records on this man where he is referred to as Christian–except this court case. When transcribing these records for my files, I transcribe his name as Christopher because that is what the documents say.

I make an annotation that his name is incorrect through the document. That annotation is done separately from my transcription of the document and in a way that does not suggest I am correcting the document one hundred years later.

We don’t correct errors in records when transcribing them. When something is clearly incorrect and all “whacked out,” a notation is made so that others know the error was not ours.

But we do not correct known errors when making a transcription. That’s not what a transcription is. 


2 thoughts on “Christian Rendered as Christopher

  1. Patty

    So then, does this type of correction just lets u know that it wasn’t correct without the correction, or is the correction of his name is Christian so everyone else will know his real name?

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      All my “tree” entries for him are as Christian since that was the name he used. It is the name on all his other records (census, marriage, cemetery, homestead, etc.) for some reason this one named him as Christopher which I am assuming was an error originally and they just decided to leave it instead of changing it after the fact.


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