A Mini Do Over

Applying the problem-solving process to your research is one good way to “do things over.”

Sometimes after we have researched for a while, we realize that there’s something we should have done differently. Often these “do over” things, ranging from citing sources to organization, are things that we probably would not have done when we started anyway because we would not have seen the value in them or did not dream that we would become as obsessed with research as we are.

Instead of doing all your research over–because it’s not going to happen–pick one thing you’d like to do over.

And…when you’ve got a brick wall or stuck point on another family, spend some time on that “do over” activity. Maybe just a few minutes or a half an hour. That way it won’t feel so onerous. You will get something done and may have new insight into your other problem when you come back to it.

And there’s always the chance that when you are in the middle of you “doing over” that you realize something on those people that you overlooked.