A Few Generalizations About Naturalizations

Some general things to remember about naturalizations in the United States:

  • Before 1906 reform, any US court of record could naturalize.
  • Declarations of Intention may give more personal detail.
  • Minor naturalizations may be filed separately.
  • Homesteaders had to document their naturalization.
  • People give incorrect dates of naturalization in census records.

These are generalizations and broad reminders. The naturalization process changed over time, but should be relatively consistent from state to state as it stems from federal law. The amount of detail can vary from one location to another and over time. This short tip is not meant to replace learning more detailed information about naturalizations and the naturalization process.


3 thoughts on “A Few Generalizations About Naturalizations

  1. Patty

    I am thankful that u give these helpful tips about the naturalization and other legal documents and or certificates to all kinds of information. Is there a time in research that these should be searched for before others. In other words is easier or more important to look forward or backwards?

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      Naturalization records after 1906 give more detail than earlier ones do. That is because there was extensive naturalization reform passed at that time. Before then declarations of intention may give more detail–but naturalizations tend to only give date of the naturalization, name of the person, and to whom allegiance was owed at the time.

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