DNA May Make You Trim the Tree

The test results made me change the tree.

There is a very real chance that your DNA test results will result in portions of your tree being “removed.”

You will have to remove that part of the tree yourself, but there is always a chance that a DNA test may result in:

  • unexpected relatives
  • close relatives not sharing any DNA

There’s always the chance that relatives who are really related share no DNA. That is a reasonable possibility once the relationship gets more distant than third cousins. Your siblings and first and second cousins should share some DNA. Be prepared for the possibility that your test results may help you find some new ancestors…and they may cause you to lose a few as well.


We will be discussing analyzing and interpreting your DNA test results in my upcoming online AncestryDNA class.



One thought on “DNA May Make You Trim the Tree

  1. Donna L. Eshelman

    After having my DNA test done I found my great grandfathers families DNA did not match anyone in my family. After finding this out I was contacted by a 3rd cousin that I had not previously known about turns out her uncle and my grandmother bore a striking resemblance to each other, all of his ancestors DNA matched me, everyone I was matched to before fit together like a jig saw puzzle. I was not prepared for what I would find, but I HAPPY to have found my grandmother’s real family.


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