Those “Early” Conclusions

Periodically review those conclusions and statements that were made in the early days of your research. It is easy when your research is just starting to copy something down without really evaluating it or to make an assumption that wasn’t as true as we thought it was.

Is your researching hinging on a date, event, or place that you took as a “fact” early in your research that might not be as true as you thought it was?


One thought on “Those “Early” Conclusions

  1. Nancy Nelson

    Recently I came across a PDF of several generations of a Revolutionary War veteran’s family. It was beautifully formatted, using stock photos and maps where there were no photos of the individuals.

    Several members of my family had married into this one over the years, so I was thrilled. When I started to compare my file with the PDF, I found that they had many of the early death dates off by decades. I was using court records, deeds, pension files, etc. The PDF listed no sources for its information.

    I just wonder how many people, after creating a beautiful book or PDF, go back and update the information as they discover new sources.


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