Time to Hit the Clutch and Shift?

Are you spending much time looking for a specific record that might not really even help your research all that much? There’s a couple for whom I cannot find their mid-1800 passenger list entry. After some thought, I’m not really certain how much more time I should spend looking for it. I have a good idea of where the family is from in Europe as I know where the husband’s brother was born. I know what children the couple had and where they settled. The mid-1800 passenger list probably isn’t going to tell me where they were from. And after having spent nearly ten hours trying to find them, it may be best to work on locating other records. Sometimes it is necessary to realize that it may be time to work on other things.

I have kept track of the name variants I have used, the databases I have queried, when my searches were conducted, and all the search parameters I entered. That’s a key part of the search when someone cannot be located easily and quickly.

I would love to find their passenger list record and would certainly look at it if someone located it. But sometimes one has to move on and search for something else.

I can always try and look for it again later and it’s possible that something in some other record helps me to find it.