They Were Human

If we have not experienced some of the things our family members in the past did, it is difficult to say how it might have really impacted them. It’s hard to say how you would react to something that has never happened to you. One can empathize, but sometimes it’s hard to understand when you’ve not really experienced it yourself.

The last two of my grandmother’s three children did not survive birth. I’m not certain how I would have reacted had I been in that same situation and the “babies” (as they were called) were not discussed or asked about. I have other family members (distant and not-so-distant) who had similar experiences, including a great-great-grandma whose son was murdered in Kansas City in 1921. I’m certain that impacted her as well.

Sometimes life events such as these can impact a family for some time. Are there any events that may have made a lasting impact on your ancestral family and how they interacted with each other?

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