I was working with some deeds at the Family History Library in Salt Lake and for some reason instead of taking notes with the deed volumes and page numbers as indicated in the index, I made scans of the index entries.

It was a good thing I did. What I thought was volume “C” was actually volume “E.” When I didn’t find the desired entry, I quickly went back to my scan and realized what I thought was a “C” was really an “E.” If I had to go back to the index it would have wasted time.



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  1. Michael, I've scanned the index pages when I was running out of time for research. I do think it's a good idea to do it on a regular basis if possible. I've had a couple of instances where I had to go back to the index because I recorded the book or page number incorrectly.

  2. In this case, there was only one entry on each page, so I really could have gotten by without scanning. When I've had pages with quite a few entries and I didn't have time to read them all, scanning saves quite a bit of time and allows for later analysis.

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